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    If you are thinking about living in Greenville, South Carolina, there is an available property for sale right at 35 Tallulah Drive in Greenville. Just like the whole city itself, the featured home is ideally situated in the area. The surroundings easily create a perfect blend of simplicity and excitement. Dubbed as the Augusta Road Beauty, the home is maintained with care so that the future owner will love the place.

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    This property may be your next home as it contains a ton of features that are wonderful for either families or single professionals. If you are seriously searching for a place to live in Greenville, check out the highlights of this stunning property to see if this is the right one for you:

    What to Expect Outdoors

    The property has its own paved driveway, boosting the contemporary look of the place. It gives you a quick and stress-free route from the street to the garage. Speaking of the garage, it is large and roomy, allowing you to park more than three vehicles in it.


    The detached garage also features a door opener, a workshop, and a yard door. The house sports a deck, giving it a very suburban feel. You will never have problems with the deck because it is properly attached by a professional builder.

    This Greenville home also has a porch at the front. You can easily picture yourself cooling off during the hot, summer months or maybe sipping iced tea with your friends here.

    The yard is fenced with some trees in the lot. When it comes to gazing at the appearance of the house, you will primarily notice the well-crafted architectural roof with an attic. The overall look may appear traditional but it is classic and will never go old.

    Inside the Property

    There is no basement in the house, but it already contains a number of appliances including a dishwasher, dryer, microwave, and ice machine among others. It has three bedrooms at the main level with one extra specialty bedroom that you can use as your workshop or your recreational room.

    The master bedroom has its own bathroom and a double sink. Walk around the carpeted floors and see that the house is already equipped with its central forced cooling system and two fireplaces for the heating system.

    The property also has two full baths at the main level with another one at the second floor where there is a cool Jacuzzi tub. The property has stairs to the attic, a bookcase, and a smoke detector. Ceiling is measured at over nine feet and there is walk-in closet as well.

    The property in 35 Tallulah Drive, Greenville is a good example of how great it is to live in this city. The price is reasonable, making you get more than what you pay for. With the features listed above, it is definitely hard to say no to this home. Check it out for yourself to make the decision if you will soon live in this part of South Carolina.

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