Spotlight: 2nd Annual Greenville Polo Classic

    Join us this Sunday, Oct. 20 for the 2nd Annual Greenville Polo Classic held at the Timberock in Hopkins Farm. The event benefits Greenville Health System’s Neurological Institute which adds immense reach to the neurological care of upstate South Carolina. The gates open at 1PM with the opening ceremony at 2PM and closing ceremony at 2:30PM. As official sponsors of the event, we hope to see you there enjoying the champagne lunch, polo and supporting a great cause.

    Greeville, SC Polo Classic
    Photo by PS Parrot via Flickr.

    Quick Guide to Polo

    Polo is a game 2,000 years in the making with followers all over the world. Modern day polo consists of two four-person teams vying to smack the ball with a mallet through an eight yard goal.  The game is divvied up into either four or six “chuckkers” with around four minutes in between each chuckker for rest and switching out horses. After each score the direction of the game switches in order to play both sides of the field. At the halfway point in the match the audience comes out onto the field to participate in stomping the divots, a polo tradition.

    Greenville Health System Neurological Institute

    Greenville Health System’s Neurological Institute began from a need in South Carolina for further neurological care. According to the Polo Classic site, over 30 percent of South Carolina counties do not have a practicing neurologist. Due to consequences of several neurological cases, travel is not an option and the reach of the Neurological Institute can help with this issue. The Institute encourages education, focuses on patients’ needs and fosters an environment friendly to collaboration in hopes of achieving a larger reach of care. Check out the video below for more details about the cause.

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