Featured Listing: 36 Cedar Lane | Greer, SC

    Greer South Carolina Real Estate

    Few homes can capture luxurious contemporary beauty while still maintaining a unique look. 36 Cedar Lane in Greer, South Carolina is a particularly unique home in the overall floor plan. This 4 bedroom, 2 and a half bath home is full of subtle details which make the overall design something truly special. Guests to the entrance of the home will find unique circular cut pavement with seasonal foliage adorning the entrance. The 2,800 square foot home sits on a 1/2 acre lot. Part of the beauty of this particular home is that the exterior doesn’t follow the common cookie cutter motif that many homes in this style do. The lack of symmetry in overall design still sticks to a very artistic and tasteful design plan. The many glass windows adorning the front of the home sit behind several columns holding the porch roof up. A very classic looking stone design sits against the rustic red accents of the front of the home.

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    Entering the house, the first attention grabber notices the shiny hardwood floor of the area leading to the living room. To the left is a beautiful curved staircase leading to the upstairs bedrooms. The living area to the right follows the same quaint, delicate design of the entrance, with arches making the two different areas of the entrance way seem distinct. Each room of the house is painted neutral tones. Moving throughout the house, one notices the living room has a beautiful fireplace and large windows to allow for ample sunlight. The whole of the house has many windows which keep the home brightly lit throughout.

    The kitchen is very spacious and beautifully updated. The marble counter tops include a large bar area, with over a dozen cabinets to match the design. The refrigerator and other appliances rest snugly within the motif of the kitchen, allowing a lot of walking space and counter top space. A nearby door leads to a separate laundry room away from the kitchen. Each of the bedrooms and bathrooms have unique details that make them stand out. The master bathroom is annexed into two different rooms separated by a wood door. The large bathtub possesses a very modern design, with a tile step leading into it. The master bathroom has a separate sliding glass panel shower as well. The second bathroom is nearly as spacious as well. Each of the four bedrooms is unique in floor plan. There is a good amount of space in each of them to allow the homeowner to add their own customization and design to them.

    The back of the house has a wooden veranda elevated a few feet with steps. The 1/2 acre lot has a lot of potential for any sort of development the homeowner may want to add. Behind the home rests a thicket of beautiful trees which serve as a wonderful backdrop.

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