Alta Vista – Greenville, SC

    Nestled in the lush green mountains of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Greenville, SC exudes the Southern charm the area is known for while still maintaining a hip urban culture, making this town the perfect melting pot for diverse families looking for a new town to call home.

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    The beloved Alta Vista neighborhood is in close proximity to downtown Greenville, SC and is one of the more sought after neighborhoods to live in. Spacious yards, updated homes, and living within walking distance to the sights and sounds of the bustling downtown area are just a few of the amenities of the neighborhood.

    With the pleasant weather year round, residents can commute downtown by foot or bicycle, allowing them to remain active year round. Tall trees line quiet streets and small locally owned shops are tucked among well-kept homes.

    Things to Do

    Alta Vista is part of the Augusta Road Community, one of older communities of Greenville and one of the more popular. The Art Plaza on the River is a magical place where numerous artists gather daily on the gently flowing Reedy River to create and display art for spectators. Visitors can see art creation in action because artists are usually outside in the sunshine drawing, sculpting, or painting.


    For the younger family members, the Children’s Garden at Linky Stone Park is a 1.7 acre green space (also located along the Reedy River) and offers a hands-on learning experience through a unique garden of flowers, a Hansel and Gretel inspired cottage, and a secret garden.

    Geared towards children, the garden inspires visitors to use all five senses when exploring the garden. A textile garden and a mineral and rock wall are just two of the stations that encourage children to explore using all of their senses.

    Outdoor Recreation and Parks

    The Greenville Swamp Rabbit Trail, a 17.5 mile multi-use trail, is in close proximity to the Alta Vista neighborhood. The trail meanders along the ever-present Reedy River and connects schools, businesses, and parks. To make the trail fun for all ages, over 60 active geocaches are hidden along the trail, making this a great place for residents to visit over and over again for continuous and never ending fun.

    Mountain Bridge Wilderness Area is just a short drive outside of Greenville and is one of the more popular hiking areas due to its combination of beginner and advanced hiking trails, a well-marked trail system, and bridged water crossings. Fraser Magnolias and Mokernut Hickories are found dotted throughout this wilderness area and wildlife such as the Black Bellied, the Scarlet Tanager, and the Black Throated Green Warbler can often be seen among the thick foliage.

    Liberty Bridge at sunset, boating in sparkling upstate lakes, catching a thrilling ball game at Fluor Field: these are just a few of the diverse things that residents can always find in lovely Greenville. Pairing the lively attitude of Greenville with the quiet sophistication of the Alta Vista neighborhood creates an unbeatable duo when it comes to purchasing real estate. If a home buyer is looking for a place to raise a family but still have access to hundreds of opportunities, then Alta Vista in Greenville is a hard place to beat.

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