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How to Be Secure in Your Finances (No Matter What You Make!)

This week on My Greenville Home Radio, Dan is speaking with Bart Ellis, a Financial Advisor at the PSG Group.

A Greenville native, Bart has over 17 years of experience in the finance industry and together, his team represents nearly 100 years of collective experience between just four advisors. The PSG Group cuts through financial jargon and misinformation, providing you with a tailored plan to help you optimize your finances.

Today, Bart is sharing how you can take steps to managing your finances and setting goals for yourself, no matter your financial standing or stage of life.

What is “financial security?”

Bart defines financial security as “optimal financial balance.” You should have a plan and understand where your finances are and how they work together. Once you’ve accomplished these things, you can be prepared to weather a storm or take advantage of an opportunity.

“Optimal financial balance” sounds amazing, but what does that look like practically?

The process…

Every financial management journey begins with organization. No matter how well off you think you are, you need to be organized. PSG uses something called a Living Balance Sheet to help their clients get organized, balancing assets against liabilities and determining their clients’ net worth.

Once you’ve got your finances organized, the next step is to ensure you are well protected. This looks like making sure you are invested in insurance and have given thought to estate planning. Proper legal documentation is important! The PSG Group helps make sure their clients’ bases are covered and they are well protected.

Now that you are organized and protected, it’s time to implement a budget to help you understand your cash flow. Bart suggests setting a goal of 20% savings every month (note: that 20% may not be put right in a savings account; how you use those savings depends on your financial standing and stage of life).

Finally, understand your assets and use this knowledge to invest, save for retirement, pay off debt, etc. Every person is different and will have different goals; that is where a team like the PSG Group can step in and offer the expertise needed to make a strong plan.

Getting started…

So you’ve realized your finances could use a little cleaning up…how do you get started with a financial planner like Bart?

Bart and the team at the PSG Group start each potential client relationship with an introductory call to discover how they can best serve you. Then you will be paired with an advisor based on your needs and the planning process begins!

If you are interested in learning more about financial planning and the services the PSG Group can provide, call their office directly at 864-232-9316 or visit their website at

Listen to this entire episode of My Greenville Home Radio:

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