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It’s been a few years since our last post but as we look to close 2016 and excitedly plan for 2017, our blog is going to be one of the tools we use to communicate to the Upstate at large. One of our goals at Hamilton & Co. is to always do what is best for our clients and customers, and we feel that we can use this blog to educate and inform those of you who are looking to buy, sell, or invest in our real estate backyard. From neighborhood highlights to tips about how to stage a home, we are excited to be able to offer what we know and have learned to help those in the home buying and selling process.

As we get back to blogging weekly, we would love to hear from you, the Hamilton & Co. viewer about what topics, neighborhoods, etc. you would like to learn more about. The more interaction we get from you, the more resourceful this blog will be and that is ultimately our goal!

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