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Dan’s New Year Resolutions for Homeowners

Over the past year, you’ve probably realized that your home needs a few tweaks. Maybe that small hole in your wall is now a big hole, the kitchen faucet keeps leaking or a couple of shingles disappeared from your roof. But these problems slipped your mind, and now your to-do list has grown. Staying on top of home maintenance not only ensures your family continues to enjoy your home, but it also benefits you when you’re ready to sell your home. A well-maintained home retains its value far better than a run-down one. 

Today, I’m sharing 5 tips as a fellow homeowner to help you get your home cleaned up in 2022!

  1. Don’t procrastinate fixing minor home repairs

All those little things you said you’d get to last year? Bite the bullet and hire a professional handyman to fix each problem. These pros have a range of skills and can knock out a dozen of your small projects in one visit. Leaky faucets, damaged trim, you name it, they can take care of it.

  1. Create a cleaning schedule – and stick to it

A cleaning schedule can keep you from feeling overwhelmed by the burden of chores and the clutter when you fail to do them. If involving a professional cleaning service is important to you, get them on a regular schedule. Staying on top of your cleaning will keep your home in better condition in the long run.

  1. Declutter

It’s amazing how much clutter can pile up after just a few months or years. Identify the areas of your home that have accumulated clutter or the closets that haven’t been touched in a while. Spend a long weekend getting rid of unnecessary clutter, or break your list down into smaller sections, tackling one project a month, for example, throughout the year. 

  1. Prioritize outdoor landscaping

We are still in the cold grip of winter, but spring is coming soon! If your yard is in need of a little TLC, make a plan now so you’re ready to execute in the warmer months. Right now you can clear away dead limbs and plants and make a plan for fertilizing, pruning, planting, etc. 

  1. Get better at preventative maintenance

The key to saving money on home repairs is preventative maintenance. This means taking good care of your home now to avoid big and costly surprise repairs in 2022. Here are a few preventative measures to consider: 

  • Inspect your home (inside and out) for signs of leaks, rotting wood, mold, pests, etc. Catching small issues can help avoid major damage down the road. 
  • Get your HVAC, furnace, water heater and other appliances serviced and cleaned as the seasons change. Otherwise, they could break down and you’ll be forced to replace them.
  • Insulate your pipes to prevent them from bursting during the cold months.
  • Clean your home’s interior and exterior. For example, cleaning your gutters can prevent major roof, pest and foundation issues.

It’s a new year! Take a look around your house and figure out what you can do to make it an even better place to call home. If you decide you need professional help for some of your tasks, don’t hesitate to call us for a recommendation! We work with amazing inspectors, handymen, landscapers, and other Greenville professionals all the time and would love to connect you with the best. Happy New Year!

A picture of Real Estate Agent Dan Hamilton

Dan Hamilton is the founder of Hamilton & Co. and the lead listing agent for the team. He is the only agent in the Upstate endorsed by Shark Tank star and real estate mogul Barbara Corcoran. Additionally, Dan hosts a weekly radio show on The Answer 94.5 and 106.3 WORD giving tips and advice on real estate and is a frequent contributor for real estate on Your Carolina TV show on WSPA Channel 7.

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