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Local Business Highlight: Grow Golf Now

Today on My Greenville Home Radio, Dan is talking golf with Doug Brown. Doug is the co-founder of Grow Golf Now, an organization dedicated to using golf to bring children, families, & friends closer together. 

Learn Grow Golf Now’s unique approach to teaching golf and how to get involved in this week’s episode! Plus, Dan shares his insight into local home appreciation and what it means for you. 

Drive by almost any Greenville golf course Sunday around 4pm and you’ll see an army of kids and families learning golf together. Doug begins instructing children as young as 5 and has kids in his program as old as 13-14 years old. The team at Grow Golf Now train differently than most golf clubs. Rather than taking kids to the driving range to hit a few balls, they take their students on the course to play a (simplified) game together and have some fun! Instruction and play time are separated; instructional videos are sent home with the kids and skills are applied during play. Parents learn how to be their kid’s golf caddies, encouraging them on the course and learning the game along with them. The goal? Grow a love for the game of golf, especially for families or children who don’t have access to golf clubs.

If you are interested in learning more about Grow Golf Now’s unique approach to golf and getting your child involved, visit Grow Golf Now’s website and fill out a contact form!

Learn more about Grow Golf Now and Greenville’s junior golf scene in the full episode of My Greenville Home Radio linked below. Plus, learn about how home’s are appreciating right here in Greenville and how you can prepare for the next year.

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