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Preserving Greenville’s Communities with the Greenville Housing Fund

This week on My Greenville Home Radio, Dan is talking with Bryan Brown, President and CEO of the Greenville Housing Fund. The Greenville Housing Fund (GHF) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to “championing a future of thriving, affordable, and successful neighborhoods across Greenville’s diverse communities.”

How does the Greenville Housing Fund work?

The GHF functions in three primary ways. Their main activity involves investing in affordable housing in Greenville County, working with a host of partners to raise public and private dollars. In addition to real estate investment, the GFH operates a land bank. Acquiring land through a discounted rate or a charitable donation helps keep the overall housing cost low and, as a result, fight gentrification. This is especially important in places where land costs alone exceed affordability standards. Finally, the GHF works tirelessly to advocate in the community, rallying community engagement and campaign for legislative support. Together, these three pillars of the GHF have resulted in impactful projects across the Upstate.

What is affordable housing?

Home affordability is relative. The home you live in may be “affordable” for you but not someone else. “Affordable housing” is defined as housing that does not cost more than a third of your total household income; more than that is considered a “cost burden.” GHF works to reach cost burden families and households whose housing costs exceed that threshold.

Location also plays a huge role in housing costs. For example, there are a lot of people employed at restaurants, shops, and other businesses on Main Street. But many of those people can only afford housing almost an hour away from downtown. “It is better for everyone if people can live near their jobs,” Bryan explained, “Better for the boss. Better for the customer. And especially better for the employees. No one should have to drive over an hour to their place of work.”

Learn more about this amazing organization and how you can get involved at Listen to the entire episode of My Greenville Home and learn more about the Greenville Housing Fund and their most recent projects.

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