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Greenville City Highlight with Mayor Knox White

Today on My Greenville Home Radio, Dan is speaking with Mayor Knox White of Greenville. Mayor White has served on City Council since 1983 and as mayor since December 1995. A native of Greenville, Mayor White is a graduate of Christ Church Episcopal School and Greenville High School and attended Wake Forest University and the University of South Carolina Law School. He is a partner in the law firm of Haynsworth Sinkler Boyd, where he heads the firm’s immigration and customs practices.

Where we’ve come from…

Mayor White admitted that Greenville has grown and changed a lot since the ’90s. When he first become Mayor in 1995, Greenville County was like a “doughnut hole”. There was growth across the Upstate, but the city was not growing. In fact, it was stifled and underdeveloped. The issue Mayor White and his team saw was movement to Greenville County but not the City of Greenville.

Mayor White was convicted that Greenville needed more than economic development in order to thrive – it needed vibrant neighborhoods and communities. He and his team encouraged contractors to build townhomes within the city limits and the city government prioritized streetscapes projects in order to create walkable parks and neighborhoods. Mayor White’s goal? Create a downtown Main Street that residents enjoy after 5pm and on the weekends.

It’s safe to say Mayor White has achieved his vision!

Where we’re going…

Mayor White is most excited about the new Unity Park coming to Greenville, SC this May. Unity Park is a 60 acre park nestled in the heart of Greenville opening this May after years of work and planning. Mayor White noted the fact we had 60 acres of undeveloped property in Greenville was on its own amazing. The city has transformed an old industrial complex into a beautiful space for Greenville residents to enjoy.

In an effort to fight the tide of gentrification that follows large scale developments like this, the city has donated the best residential property in the area (valued at $8 million) to affordable housing. Mayor White’s goal is to see Unity Park as a community epicenter for all the residents of Greenville, not just those who can afford a house nearby. Not only that, Mayor White hopes this model of development will become the norm moving forward in Greenville.

Want to hear more from Mayor White? Listen to the full episode of My Greenville Home radio:

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