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Home Building and Remodeling Trends of 2014


The new year heralds in a fresh look at home building trends. As the real estate market continues its recovery, 2014 looks like a lucrative year for savvy homebuilders. With an eye for detail, consumers have specific needs that they want in a home.

Deals are quickly made or lost, based on one particular amenity. Take a look at some of the trends ready to hit the home building industry in 2014.

Rooms, Closets And Bathrooms

The quaint two- or three-bedroom home is a thing of the past. Consumers see these properties as chaotic and claustrophobic. Home building in 2014 will see more four-bedroom structures selling fast. Grown children, well into their twenties, tend to stay at home as they attend local colleges. Aging parents and loved ones typically move in to avoid the high cost of nursing home fees. Four-bedroom homes fill the bill for many growing families.

It is not just the master bedroom that needs a walk-in closet, but the guest rooms are in need as well. Extra space for children’s toys or teenager’s clothes is a must for many homebuyers in 2014. Even bathroom quantity is increasing to an average of three per property. Whether they are decked-out suites or half baths, homeowners want versatility, and no lines, when it comes to bathroom habits and needs.


Fireplace construction is usually matched with today’s electronic needs. With flat-screen televisions being the norm in many households, homebuilders must construct a fireplace that is wide enough to accommodate the newest TV size.

Dual-sided fireplaces are also a trend ready to strike in 2014. When they are not on, they lend an open feeling to the adjacent rooms, while burning logs offer warmth for two rooms instead of one.

The Kitchen

Homebuyers do not want a formal dining room attached to their kitchens, but prefer an open walkway between the cooking area and living space. The only exception to the open feeling is the addition of a kitchen island.

These helpful counter spaces remain popular for 2014, allowing you to wash, cut and prepare foods in the middle of the room. Even appliances are receiving a makeover for the new year. Dishwashers are being installed at higher levels while microwaves are dropping down. No excessive bending or stretching is necessary in these new homes.

Storage Everywhere

More families are taking advantage of bulk discount stores. The drawback to buying large is storage. Home building trends are leaning toward extensive storage space, especially in garages and laundry rooms. Strategic hiding corners for cardboard boxes is perfect for bulk needs. You can easily access them, but they are not the centerpiece of the room.

Attics with flooring that can hold weight is another trend that requires structural calculations for everyone’s safety. With storage space at a minimum, the attic is a perfect place to house items you don’t access readily, such as old books or papers.

New homes in 2014 must incorporate technology and convenience. Along with physical room changes, builders can add high-tech gadgets, such as USB charger ports on wall outlets. Whatever the improvement may be, smart trends are ready to be part of the mainstream construction world.

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