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Home Hospitality with Brenda Luginbill

As the name implies, My Greenville Home is about more than offering the latest real estate advice and getting you the house of your dreams, it’s about making that house a home your friends and family can enjoy together. Today on My Greenville Home, Dan spoke with Brenda Luginbill about creating a warm and inviting space in which to entertain guests.

Brenda is the owner and operator of an event production company called cb events and a rental company called Industry Event Rentals. Brenda loves all things entertaining and has planned everything from LA festivals to backyard cookouts. Brenda fell in love with Greenville and moved here with her husband Nathan about 11 years ago.

Today, Brenda shared her top tips for creating a welcoming home and entertaining well.

First, she insists you should know your limits! If you know you love to entertain but don’t love cooking, don’t try to! Pick up some of your favorite dishes from a local restaurant to go with a simple charcuterie board and you’re ready to open your doors.

Speaking of charcuterie, Brenda also suggests being prepared for unexpected guests by keeping cheese and crackers on hand at all times. This snack is simple, well-loved, and doesn’t go bad quickly. Pulling out a treat when a friend stops by will instantly make him or her feel welcome.

Know your limits, know what you love, and grow from there!

Second, Brenda spoke to folks who may feel self-conscious about the state or the size of their home.

“Find an area of your home that you don’t mind highlighting and start there,” Brenda suggested, “People don’t have to see your bedroom! Make that one space a place people want to gather and spend time with you and don’t worry about the rest.” Brenda shared that she always has a room full of last minute clutter she can just shut the door on, leaving her living and dining room spotless (check out this episode of My Greenville Home Radio for more decluttering tips).

Finally, Brenda encouraged Dan’s listeners to be up front with guests about the nature of their event. There is a lot going on in the world right now, and many people may not feel comfortable in larger social gatherings. Brenda advises sharing with each guest the number of people invited and the event setting (i.e. how much of the event will take place outdoors). This allows each guest to make an informed decision regarding their attendance.

This is just part of the great advice Brenda gave on today’s show. Be sure to listen to the full interview to learn more!

If you are interested in planning an event or renting event equipment from Brenda, you can contact her via email or call her at 864-784-9030.

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