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How to Maximize Your Home Insurance Plan

Today on My Greenville Home Radio, Dan spoke with Dan Gough, Licensed Insurance Agent and Broker at Carolinas Home and Auto Insurance. Dan works with countless real estate clients, helping them understand their insurance options and pick the best plan for their situation. With over 10 years of experience, Dan says his favorite thing about working in insurance is the chance it gives him to talk with and help people. In fact, many of his clients have become friends.

Why is Carolinas Home and Auto different than other providers?

Carolinas Home and Auto is an independent insurance provider, meaning they offer plans with over 15 different providers rather than just selling one. This business model puts the client first, ensuring you get the most competitive rate with the best provider for you. Dan loves to help homebuyers understand their home insurance needs and make an informed decision. Furthermore, his current clients can rest easy knowing Dan is constantly seeking the most competitive rates for their plan.

What does a typical client relationship look like?

Dan’s first step with a new client scheduling an initial phone call to learn more about the client’s house, car, and general insurance needs. Next, he takes all the information and creates a plan breakdown depending on what is requested – he can just tell you the best priced plan, give you a few to choose from, highlight specific providers, and more. Then Dan calls the client to discuss the plan options in detail. Many clients just trust him to know the best plan for their situation, but Dan likes his clients to really understand where there money is going each month. For those that are willing, Dan dives into great detail about the ins and outs of their specific plan selections.

Dan’s independent approach to insurance coupled with bundling home and auto insurance saves his clients thousands of dollars a year. In one 3 minute phone call, he can save a client a thousand dollars!

What advice do you have for your clients purchasing real estate?

Dan advises buyers to get an insurance quote early in the home purchasing process. As soon as go under contract on your home, Dan gains access to public information detailing any insurance claims made on the property. From there, he can help you understand any unique challenges or future issues your home may face and create a unique insurance plan specifically designed to spend your money in the most efficient way possible. Getting a quote started early in the closing process allows the buyer time to adjust the plan leading up to closing.

These are just a few of the helpful questions Dan Gough answered on the radio this week! Want to hear more? Listen to the full episode.

A picture of Real Estate Agent Dan Hamilton

Dan Hamilton is the founder of Hamilton & Co. and the lead listing agent for the team. He is the only agent in the Upstate endorsed by Shark Tank star and real estate mogul Barbara Corcoran. Additionally, Dan hosts a weekly radio show on The Answer 94.5 and 106.3 WORD giving tips and advice on real estate and is a frequent contributor for real estate on Your Carolina TV show on WSPA Channel 7.

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  • Tammie Jacobs
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    I listened to the program this morning, but no contact information was given for Dan at Carolinas Home & Auto Insurance. Can you provide a phone number and email?

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