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Q: How Can Buyers and Sellers Win in This Market?

The Greenville real estate market is in an interesting place. Here’s why.
In my latest appearance on “Your Carolina With Jack & Megan,” I caught up with Megan to answer some common questions about our real estate market.

First, what’s with all the “SOLD” signs out there? Much like trying to buy toilet paper in March and April, for-sale homes today are just as difficult to find. Inventory is really low. We have 16% fewer homes on the market today than we did at this point last year; there are only 8,108 homes available for purchase in Greenville right now.

These are great numbers if you’re a seller. With low supply and high demand, prices are going up. At the same time, these conditions can be stressful for buyers because competition for homes is so fierce. 

If you are wanting to sell your home, you should also know that the average sale price is up 6.6% from last year to $280,528. The average price has gone up nearly $30,000 in the last year.

With low supply and high demand, conditions are ripe for home sellers.

Although buying a home is more difficult in this market, it’s not impossible. It’s important to get pre-approved before looking for homes so you’re ready to make an offer right away when you find the right property. Hiring the right agent is key as well. Good agents will know about homes that haven’t even gone on the market yet and will be on their toes for when the right home becomes available.

Though it may be tempting for sellers to be greedy in this market, the steps to sell for top dollar don’t include overpricing from the start. A clean, tidy home that’s priced right will sell quickly and command top dollar (and even more in some cases).

If you have questions for me about what’s going on in the Greenville real estate market or anything else related to real estate, don’t hesitate to reach out via phone or email. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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