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Radio: Why Call Greenville Home?

Every day, new people are moving to Greenville from all over the country. What makes Greenville, SC so special?

On this episode of My Greenville Home Radio, Dan is joined by Mike Cruice, founder of Make Greenville Yours, to talk about the benefits of calling Greenville home. Mike is a semi-retired pastor who started a relocation tour service in order to share his passion for Greenville with newcomers and natives alike. Having given nearly 1000 tours in his company’s short lifetime, Mike is truly an expert on all things Greenville.

“Greenville has a rhythm, it has a story to tell. Folks will live in a certain part of the greater Greenville area and they’ll know that area, but they won’t how these towns flow together. That’s what I do basically – I tell Greenville’s story.”

Mike shared that many people are moving to Greenville from California, New Jersey, and more recently, Austin, Texas as big tech companies move in and change the city’s culture. The top three reasons he hears for the desire to relocate are that people are tired of cold winters, tired of taxes, and tired of politics.

While Greenville has always welcomed people of all ages and stages of life, historically the city has seen many retiring couples move to the area from different regions. With the onset of remote work, however, that has changed. According to Mike, significantly more young couples and families with location flexibility are choosing to call Greenville home.

It’s easy to see that Greenville is growing, but what’s next for our city? Mike, close friends with the Mayor of Greenville as well as several prominent local businessmen, gives us the inside scoop.

The Unity Park Project is expected to be completed next spring. The Park will feature an amphitheater, playgrounds, three bridges across the Reedy River with the Swamp Rabbit Trail on both sides, two refurbished warehouses, a myriad of dining options, and more. Once completed, this park will become a new city centerpiece, benefiting the surrounding towns as a result.

Mike also shared that there has been discussion of building a new convention center across from the Embassy Suites on Riverplace. Nothing concrete has been established, but the center will surely bring a lot of new business to our already growing city.

Whether you are new to Greenville or have lived in the area for years, you will love Mike’s tours.

“As a pastor, I see everyone created in God’s image, uniquely, with their own set of stories and gifts. So for me, it [my business] never loses its appeal. I am fascinated with every person, couple, or family that gives me the pleasure of spending some time with them. I don’t just share Greenville’s story, I learn their story too. We leave the tour friends.”

Interested in setting up a Greenville tour with Mike? Visit Mike’s website to make an appointment or call Mike at 864-363-8628 for more information.

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Dan Hamilton is the founder of Hamilton & Co. and the lead listing agent for the team. He is the only agent in the Upstate endorsed by Shark Tank star and real estate mogul Barbara Corcoran. Additionally, Dan hosts a weekly radio show on The Answer 94.5 and 106.3 WORD giving tips and advice on real estate and is a frequent contributor for real estate on Your Carolina TV show on WSPA Channel 7. Visit to learn how Dan can help you sell your home.

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