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Tips For Buying A Third (Or Fourth) Home

Wandering “first-timers,” into an unknown area of real estate agree, that it is not only exciting, but a little scary. It helps to have a professional involved with your house hunting ventures. Whether you are purchasing or selling your home for the first time, or purchasing a third or fourth home, there are always different circumstances involved. A Realtor can help the purchasers to see pros and cons that may otherwise go unnoticed.

Why A Realtor?

A Realtor will ask pertinent questions like, why are you considering this purchase? Is it for an investment? If so, how risky will this be? A Realtor will look into certain areas of town that may be a better investment at resale. Whose names will be on the sales contract?

At the time of resale, this may be more important than you realize. Check out the real estate law in the area of purchase, or ask your Realtor.

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Ask Yourself Some Questions First

Ask yourself, where do you want to live? Are you raising a family? Will this home place you in a more convenient spot on the map, that you can visit both sides of the family? Is it a temporary move? Are you purchasing a home for a student to live in, then when college is over, will you sell and get your money back?

This idea essentially repays you for your student’s housing expenses.

Realtors can give you many insightful ideas. How long do you intend on keeping this property? Perhaps you will be keeping all four properties? You may wish to lease the properties out? If a home is located in a sunny tourist spot, one may wish to look into leasing it out to vacationers year around. A Realtor is so helpful in identifying what to do with the property, and how to get it done.

Helpful Online Site

To check out where, what, how, and when to purchase, sell, and get basic real estate news and trends visit websites like or This site is great for reactors as well. When looking for a realtor to assist your next purchase or sale, look to a local Realtor, that lives in the area for which you are searching. They will know the ins and outs of the areas, schools, shopping and more.

Investigate Thoroughly

Of course you may shop for your next home on your own. Do research through the state’s Register Of Deeds office. Get to know the history on the property. Find out how much it last sold for, and if there are any outstanding liens on the property?

The neighbors in the area, may know if there was a problem with the house plumbing that was not fixed and only masked to sell, so check with neighbors in the area. Use a real estate contract attorney to ensure that all is well during the process and at closing.

Enjoy the experience, you will be armed and ready with up-to-the-minute knowledge, of what to expect and how to prosper.

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