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Why Should You Use a Buyer’s Specialist?

Buyer’s Specialist versus Listing Agent – what’s the difference? 

In a real estate transaction, a buyer’s specialist is a real estate agent who represents the buyer, whereas a listing agent represents the seller.

As a buyer you might ask yourself, “Why hire someone to represent me? Can’t I just speak to listing agents at each property I visit?” While this is certainly true, it is often an unwise choice. Alex Cortez, a Realtor with Wailea Village Properties in Kihei, HI, had this to say on the subject: 

“It’s in your best interest as a buyer to get an agent who is there to represent you. Think about it this way: If you were getting sued, would you hire the same attorney as the person suing you? Of course not. You need someone who will diligently fight for your interests and rights.”

At Hamilton & Company, our Buyer’s Specialists are not only prepared to represent you well, but they are also willing to go the extra mile to ensure a smooth transition. Take a look at the agent comparison below to understand the benefits of being represented by a Hamilton & Company Buyer’s Specialist:

Working with a Buyer’s SpecialistWorking with a Listing Agent
Explain the home buying processYes! No
Do a needs assessment for youYes! No
Arrange financingYes! No
Protect your confidential interestsYes! No
Refine your home searchYes! No
Schedule appointments to view homesYes! No
Provide you access to homes for saleYes! No
Do research on the home for youYes! No
Answer questions about any home viewedYes! No
Point out advantages/disadvantages to any home viewedYes! No
Prepare a market comparative analysis for youYes! No
Prepare the offer for youYes! Maybe
Negotiate the offer in your favor, including concessions from the sellerYes! No
Negotiate a home warranty for youYes! No
Set up the closing on any home viewedYes! No
Recommend a competent home inspectorYes! Maybe
Negotiate the home repairs in your favorYes! No
Get you access to input from accountants, attorneys, mortgage specialists, and other service providersYes! No
Offer a 12 month satisfaction guaranteeYes! No
Fully represent you at the closing tableYes! No
Provide a moving truck if neededYes! No
Benefits of Hiring a Hamilton and Company Buyer’s Agent

As you can clearly see, one of these agents is looking out for you, the buyer, and one of them is not. 

At Hamilton & Company, we bring years of experience to the table, paired with our passion for excellence and committed customer service. We listen. We research. We work with you to find the right home to buy.

Interested in purchasing a home in Greenville, South Carolina? Give us a call at 864.527.7685 and tell us what you’re looking for!

A picture of Real Estate Agent Dan Hamilton

Dan Hamilton is the founder of Hamilton & Co. and the lead listing agent for the team. He is the only agent in the Upstate endorsed by Shark Tank star and real estate mogul Barbara Corcoran. Additionally, Dan hosts a weekly radio show on The Answer 94.5 and 106.3 WORD giving tips and advice on real estate and is a frequent contributor for real estate on Your Carolina TV show on WSPA Channel 7.

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