Kingsbridge – Simpsonville, SC

    Who ever said that a place is just a place, probably never set foot in Kingsbridge of Simpsonville, South Carolina. This individual would be forced to rephrase that statement. Something more appropriate would have been, “A place is just a place if you do not include Kingsbridge”.

    Kingsbridge is a gated community that sits a bit off the Weeping Willows, with a backdrop that is breathtaking. The land here is gorgeous; the sky is the kind of blue that would redefine what you previously imagined as blue. The air is clean and the homes are amazing. They have a modern yet colonial feel to them, which already looks fantastic yet, you still have to add the incredible backdrop that would impress anyone.

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    The average square footage is about 3,400, but it does vary. The average home cost about $152,000. The average household income is about $50,000, and most of the residents here are in their mid 30’s.

    The community is complete with an exquisite and luxurious club house, a large pool for your convenience, with plenty of open roads for you to walk in the morning, and much more. Can a home really be home unless you know your children’s education will be nurtured?


    Nurturing education is something that Kingsbridge can definitely offer your young; the school district is very impressed with the schools near Kingsbridge, as well as the parents. The schools are committed to excellence, education, communication, and making sure that your child starts with a strong foundation.


    One school to mention is one that was rated a 10, which is the highest rating possible by the Great Schools of the United States.

    That school is Oakview Elementary School and it is a school that has not only talked about their commitment to excellence, but has shown it numerous times with the success of their students.

    The Langston Charter Middle School is another educational institution worth mentioning.

    Their staff is very personable, committed, and all that good stuff, but as parents put it, the teachers really invest an emotional connection to all their students. A parent there said that she truly felt that the teacher of her child truly cared about his education, which she had not experienced in other schools.

    Another school worth mentioning is a high school that is devoted to excellence, devoted to its students, and community, which seems to be a running theme among all the schools near Kingsbridge, right?

    That school is Mauldin High School, which was also rated at 10 on the scale and is a highly decorated school.

    The parents could not be happier and the students feel like it is a second home for them. One parent raved that all her four kids went to this school and they all came home with a GPA that was 3.5 or higher, of course she was very happy.

    What To Do in Kingsbridge?

    Aside from the parks, trails, pool, and country club there are shopping centers nearby and a water park too!

    The water park is called Discovery Island and it is splashy, good fun for the whole family. Perhaps you are into something a little more hip? Then why not catch a concert at the Charter Amphitheater, which has seen Kiss, Public Enemy, among many other artists perform from the past and present.

    Kingsbridge of Simpsonville in South Carolina will be honored if you decided to call it your home.

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