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    Monuments have been risen in Montebello of Greenville, SC; perhaps they were risen to counter the majestic mountains of the Blue Ridge Mountains, which houses the suburban community within their royalty. The monuments aforementioned have risen in many forms, some as villas, others as homes, town homes  or even condominiums.

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    The architecture borrowed inspiration from the homes of Tuscany and the French styled homes in order to bring you a house that is both modern with a touch of artistry. The average household income is about $58,000, while most homes average around about $300,000.

    It is perfectly situated to enjoy the beauty of serenity and the convenience of having a beautiful and plentiful town nearby, but one has bigger fish to fry, right? What about the type of education available to the young?


    Education is the foundation for the future, and as parents it is definitely a concern if our children learn what they need to further their education, and live the lives we dream up for them. Montebello is a place that is swarming with great schools where your children can experience education at its finest.

    One school to mention is Summit Drive Elementary, which is the pride of the community. The parents are more than happy having their young attend this school. Parents are confident in the teachers, the curriculum, and know that their involvement in the school and with their children is greatly appreciated.

    Montebello - Greenville, SC

    Another school to mention is Sevier Middle School, which was built atop of a US training camp for the brave soldiers of America.

    Those soldiers were committed to challenging themselves, protecting our country, and ensuring the future for us all.

    That same spirit has either been implemented by great educators, or is oozing from the land where the school stands.

    The school has received numerous accolades and awards for their achievements in education and no parent will feel fearful that their child won’t be getting a great education here, at Sevier Middle School.

    Wade Hampton High School is another school that should be mentioned. Their commitment for excellence has stood the test of time for over 50 years!

    Their mission statement has been kept. They have inspired, educated, and empowered students to reach further than they have imagined.

    Parents have been excited to see their children grow into young adults in this school and have watched them pursue a higher education. The school offers much more than just academics, as it offers quite a number of clubs for your young to enjoy.

    Clubs such as, the Book club, Chess club, Dance club, the Theater Brigade, Robotics, and even a Renaissance Program.

    What To Do?

    After you child is back from school, or during his or her vacation time, what can you or your family enjoy around Montebello? Aside from the wonderful parks, and breathtaking vistas, not to mention the enticing boutiques in town, there is a lot more to offer.

    You can visit the exotic by visiting the Greenville Zoo, which sits quite closely, or perhaps you want to catch a glimpse of a historic waterfall?

    If so, you can visit Falls Park. Perhaps you would be interested in a little more Broadway? Why not visit The Peace Center for the Performing Arts, which is sure to give you a great show.

    Living in Montebello, here in beautiful Greenville of South Carolina requires much more than just moving, it requires you to embrace a lifestyle that will astound you.

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