Thornblade – Greer, SC

    The Suburban community of Thornblade is quietly and gracefully nestled on the east side of Greenville County. It is adorned with majestic trees, and wonderful hills that reward you with beautiful vistas.

    These vistas can be enjoyed from the comfort of your home. Perhaps you will see them while walking around the neighborhood, or at a park nearby.

    The homes range from colonial, to Charleston, to a more European style, which offers plenty of choices. The average home is a generous 4,000 square feet, and the price for the average home is about 569,000.

    The average household income is about 86,000. It only sits minutes away from town, where you can find all sorts of entertainment, experience new cuisines, or shop at the many boutiques.


    Education means the world to a parent and choosing Thornblade in Greer, SC will not be a bad choice, when you compare it to the schools in the area. The curriculum of the district is strict, and they are committed to excellence. They expect only the best from their students, and their teachers.

    Another school that may be of interest is Buena Vista Elementary, which has scored highly on the Great Schools scale. If one reads what most parents say about the school, you would think they are selling you the school. The grades are great, and so is the interaction between the parents and the teachers.


    Most parents are happy with the school, and especially the seasonal plays that they have put on. Great memories have been filmed and are still remembered.

    Northwood Middle School, which again strives for excellence from both the teachers and the students, scored high with both the Great Schools scale and with parents.

    Education would not be complete without the final push towards a career-focused education, which your children are sure to experience at Riverside High School.

    The State Report Card rated this school as “Excellent” which aligns with the many parents raving about the education their teenagers are getting at this school.

    The school not only excels in academics but also in sports, offering a variety of sports teams, such as basketball, softball, soccer, and football, but that is not all!

    They also have prestigious debate teams and speech clubs among other activities your youngster will enjoy.

    What To Do?

    Aside from the shops in town, the grocery stores, golf courses, parks, and wonderful vistas, what else can you expect when you move to Thornblade in Greer, SC?

    Well, there is a flea market nearby and drag racing. If you want to learn about Greer, there is the Greer Heritage Museum to discover how rich your new neighborhood really is. There is a water park that is the joy of the community, and an animal park to experience some pretty peculiar animals.

    Is it possible that Thornblade could be the perfect place for you? Thornblade is made to accommodate you, but the house that has your name written all over it is sadly incomplete until you decide to make it your home.

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