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    Nestled at the base of the majestic and beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains lies a community brimming with all of the latest in amenities and conveniences, and yet rustic at the same time. It is located just minutes away from the city of Greenville, South Carolina, but away from the busy eastside. Carilion is its name, and it is simply one of the most inviting and exclusive communities in Greenville.

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    The Carilion utilizes 35 acres of open land, from their 110 acres of total land, to provide its residents with everything that their residents might need. Community events center on a large central park where community activities such as barbecues and parties of every type take place. The Carilion also boasts a children’s playground, a swimming pool and several smaller parks dotted throughout the community. These are all a bonus to the amazing homes that are designed by Dan Ryan Builders, with today’s buyers in mind. There are home sizes and floor plans that will fit any lifestyle and family.


    The proximity of Greenville allows the Carilion to enjoy the public school system for immediate schooling needs of pre-college age children. Several schools in each academic level are available, depending upon where your home is located. For college age students the renowned undergraduate liberal arts college, Furman, is just down the road. The college was founded in 1826 and quickly grew into one of the nation’s premier liberal arts colleges. In addition to world class academics the university offers a complete athletic and social curriculum. Their library has over 500,000 volumes on hand and innumerable possibilities on-line. The campus also offers themed gardens, a full 18-hole public golf course and 13 miles of walking or running trails that are completely paved.

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    The Carilion is located just outside of Greenville, South Carolina. In recent years Greenville has reinvested in its past to usher in the future of their magnificent city. The Furman campus and the city of Greenville are extensions of each other. The highly acclaimed beauty of the Furman campus is but a taste of the beauty that is the city of Greenville. The myriads of shops in the center of the city hosts the latest in foodies, offering cuisine from the Carolina coast as well as other ethnic and regional foods. The local park offers a waterfall and music festivals. For those that like to see by walking, the Swamp Rabbit Trail takes you into the foothills of the Appalachians, past ponds and beautiful trees and then between the Furman campus and downtown. Other outdoor activities are also seasonally offered like fishing, boating or longer hiking trips including camping. With a small community of only about 700,000 residents, it is easy to fit in and become part of it all. A new home in the Carilion is just the place to start.


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