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Greer Real Estate

What makes Greer, SC so special? Many families and single individuals are moving to Greer, SC because its convenience to schools, employment opportunities, and beautiful scenery. But that’s not all the advantages of living in Greer.

Elected Officials, Police Protection, and Excellence Response time

One of the big necessities when moving to a new place is knowing you can trust the towns elected officials and rely on both the police and the Emergency Response system to act in a prompt fashion. In Greer, SC, both the Mayor and City Council members are practically your neighbors.

They strive to obtain and secure the quality of life that your family and there family deserve. All officials are easily reached and can be contacted regarding any questions or concerns. Every resident is considered a customer and we like to keep our consumers happy.

The Police Department takes pride in their community. They work diligently with the community to ensure that Greer, SC remains safe through the continuing involvement with the citizens. The Police Department also keeps an animal control officer on hand. Their response time is impeccable to all incoming local calls. This keeps the citizens of Greer feeling safe and protected.

Family Fun for All

Greer, SC keeps the city busy with family filled festivities. With sports programs for both the children and adults, there is always something to do. Greer also holds festivals downtown, concerts, holiday celebrations, and much more. Greer, SC has well over 10 recreational parks and summer camps. Fun for every age group. Art classes are offered and that is not it. Greer, SC is packed full of things the whole family can enjoy.

Lower Rates 

As with anyone, its important to maintain a way of life without having to worry about every single bill that comes in. The added benefit for living within the city of Greer is reduced water and sewer rates. And the savings don’t stop there. In Greer, trash pickup and yard waste removal is for all residents. Greer, SC is considered a green city so recycling is encouraged.

Fire Department 

With given an awesome rating of Class 2 in 2007, this means lower insurance rates for the residents of Greer. The fire department staff is highly trained and offers a higher response time than other neighboring counties. Security and comfort is just one of the key components that Greer, SC offers.

Land, Planning, and Zoning

In order for a city to flourish, growth is necessary. With our professional planning and zoning staff, they monitor the cities growth to ensure the city can handle it. Thanks to our officials, Greer, SC keeps an eye towards the future and is prepared for the positive growth that continues for the economy.

Residential and Commercial Properties

Easy accessible sidewalks, well lit streets for miles, the city of Greer offers a warm and inviting feel to any newcomers. Both the residential areas and the city itself offers beauty in every corner. Making this place you would like to call home. Welcome to Greer, SC.


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