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About Traveler’s Rest, SC

Traveler’s Rest is a tiny town located in Greenville County, South Carolina. It has an estimated population of 4,0099 people. Known by the locals as TR, the city earned it’s name from it’s location close to the boarder of the North Carolina mountains. Travelers who were journeying across the mountains would stop in the town.

Recently the city has gone throw a major revitalization that brought many new points of interest, branding concepts, streets capes, and other attractions. One of the most popular additions is the Swamp Rabbit Trail. It is a thirteen mile long trail system that connects downtown Greenville to Traveler’s Rest. The trail got it’s name because some of the sections are running through wetlands.

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Traveler’s Rest Real Estate

One of the nicest neighborhoods in Traveler’s Rest, SC is Woodland Creek. Located along the Blue Ridge foothills offers guests the beauty of the outdoors with the convinces of being close to Greenville. Built with the revitalization plans Woodland Creek homes are very new and offer all of the modern day convinces. On average the home price in this neighborhood is $215,000.

The high end neighborhood located in Traveler’s Rest, SC is The Cliffs Valley. Located deeper within the foothills of Blue Ridge Mountains. You will be emerged within the lush forest and elements of nature. There is no need to worry about your area becoming too urbanized because the surrounding forest is protected by the Nature Conservancy.

The Cliffs Valley is home to the world famous BMW charity Pro-AM golf course. There is over 300 acres of private land in Panther Mountain Park with numerous hiking trails. You also have access to life at the water’s edge.

With three major locations Keowee Springs, Keowee Falls, and Keowee Vineyard, you have endless opportunities to explore private shorelines and views. The average price of the homes within The Cliffs Valley is $1,111,875


In Traveler’s Rest you will have access to a wide variety of schools for such a small town. In total there are 7 preschools, 3 elementary schools, 2 middle schools, 2 high schools.

Community Events

If there is anything that you can not find in Traveler’s Rest the major city Greenville is located minutes away. Greenville provides Traveler’s Rest will all the amenities that a large city has while still keeping Traveler’s Rest small community vibe. With several theaters, museums, and zoos there are endless options to do within Greenville.

One of the more popular attractions is Frankie’s Fun Park. There are numerous go kart tracks, mini golf courses, and batting cages. There is also carnival style fun slide, squirt boats, and multi level fun house. You can also get your entertainment from the over 100 arcade games that they feature all while eating at Jonny Rockets, which is adjacent to the arcades.

When looking for the best of nature with the luxury of urban businesses look no further. Traveler’s Rest is the perfect fusion of relaxed life style with the city very close by for your needs.

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