Ridges At Paris Mountain – Greenville, SC

    Travelers in the southeastern areas of the United States have come upon the Ridges at Paris Mountain and found it to be an ideal place to call home. The first thing to catch their eye is the awesome beauty and breathtaking views that greet them.

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    Even with the hilly terrain, the panoramic sights can make you stop and think. Nestled in Greenville, SC, this is the kind of place that gives the adventurous home owner another reason to hang out in the great outdoors.

    The people close by

    For those that prefer the life where houses are close by, this may not be for them, because the Ridges at Paris mountain is set apart from the rest. That does not mean that you are all alone, because just a short 15 to 20 minute drive away to the south is the city of Greenville.

    A 10 minute drive to the north will bring you to the quiet town of Travelers Rest, where most of your shopping needs can be fulfilled.

    Educating the children

    The Ridges at Paris mountain may be a small community, but that does not mean that they are not interested in a proper education for their children. Some of the schools that new residents may be interested in are,

    1. Gateway Elementary School (public) which has a 7 out of 10 rating.
    2. Northwest Middle School (public) has over 800 students and handles many of the 6 to 8 grade students in the area.
    3. Travelers Rest High School is the popular one, with over 1200 students.

    Fun times for all

    Although the Ridges at Paris mountain prides itself in seclusion, the residents believe in having a good time and that will usually be accomplished through a variety of sources.


    1. Greenville Rec Waterparks, where water slides, and a lazy river provides hours of fun and relaxation for all.
    2. Take a stroll through the Art Crossing at River Place and allow yourself to be impressed by the magic.
    3. Head to downtown Greenville for a Self-Guided Tour.

    Venturing outside

    Whether you choose to entertain yourself in the ridges, or in one of the neighboring towns, there will be something for everyone. The Green Valley Country Club is located close by and offers golf, swimming and tennis to members.

    Spend an afternoon at the Friends of the Greenville Zoo, where visitors can be educated about everything from monkeys to giraffes. For those who want to get away from it all, (even more) the mountain bridge wilderness area can provide them with over 11,000 acres of camping, fishing and hiking trails.

    Picnics and ballgames

    Enjoying the outdoors closer to home is as easy as a visit to one of the local parks.

    1. Small groups trying to congregate will find Timmons Park to be ideal, with a small picnic area and a mountain trail.
    2. Large crowds will find Falls Park a little more to their liking, with garden tours and many open spaces.
    3. Like many state parks, Paris Mountain state park offers fishing, boating and many other family fun activities.

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